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Who We Are

We are a small dynamic application & software development company based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Our strength lies in our rapid, agile approach to software development, working closely to our clients requirements. Our skills include Microsoft c# for dynamic web design, together with the latest in mobile app development languages, including, but not limited to Java, Swift and Flutter.

Android Mobile Device Development

Android applications written in native Android Java Code. Harness the full features and capabilities of Android Mobile Devices, including Location Services, Database data storage, cameras, etc..

.net Web Data Solutions

Do you require a Backend Web Solution for your business data? Using the latest technology from Microsoft, we are able to produce such solutions. We are also able to host the solution for you on our servers with a 99.9% up time.

Cloud Data Solutions

Using the latest industry leading cloud servers, we are able to provide realtime data mobile applications, with backend solutions.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Utilising the latest Microsoft technology, we are able to create Desktop Software Solutions to suit your needs and budgets.

What We Do

Our services are tailored to make your business grow and stand out.

We have a strong belief that technology should help increase productivity and reduce the hours spent by current systems.

Our philosophy is that data should only need to be entered in the system once, it then being available to all users of the system, wether they are office based, or indeed part of a mobile workforce.

Data should flow freely, securely and quicky between all users of our system. We use the latest industry leading technology to give this end result.

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Where to Find Us

4 Oak Rd
Shrewsbury, Shropshire